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about us

We are a Cardiff based family run business, passionate about transforming the world of physio by introducing innovative technologies into the UK. We are closely supported by our strategic partners Reflex in Romania.

As a renowned entrepreneur in the technology world, our CEO Richard Denton stumbled across Reflex Rehab Sensors 2 years ago; and alongside Carys, Al and Josh set out on a mission to further enable value-based healthcare within the UK. Supported by ORCHA, Winchester University and our loyal private patient cohort, Denton Physio is now gaining traction as a physiotherapy provider and the UK's only distributor for Reflex rehab sensor technology.

Our Team

Co - Founder and CEO: Richard Denton:

Richard has a proven track record in the technology sector as the CTO of Tqila Automation. He is currently based out in Texas but enjoys coming home to Wales for a Roast Dinner from time to time. Richard is a keen golfer and Cardiff City football fan.

Richard Denton - Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CFO: Alasdair Denton:

Alasdair is a Chartered Accountant and does a fine job at keeping our finances in check. When he's not glued to a spreadsheet he enjoys exploring the great outdoors on his bike or by tent. He is also a keen guitarist.

Alasdair Denton - Co-Founder and CFO

Co-Founder and Specialist Physio Lead:

Carys is a Chartered Physiotherapist and registered with the HCPC and CSP. She has over 15 years of experience within both the NHS and private Sectors and specialises in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic physiotherapy. When she's not working, she is kept busy as a Mum of 3 and enjoys the great outdoors and sketching and writing.

Carys Hansed - Chartered Physiotherapist

"I love seeing patients reap the benefits of a comprehensive, supportive and thorough rehabilitation process whilst still very affordable for them. I enjoy building up a good and trusting rapport with patients over an extended period of time. Through DPT I can really see the life changing transformative effects that Physiotherapy can offer."

Co-Founder and COO: Josh Lewis:

Not long graduated from Cardiff University Josh has become an honorary member of the Denton family. With skills in business development and marketing and a good head for a spreadsheet he has been incremental in supporting the company to this point. He also now lives in the sunny United States of America and enjoys playing golf with Richard when he can.

Josh Lewis - Co-Founder and COO

Head of Logistics: Carol Denton:

Carol manages our stock room and organises the distribution of Reflex Sensors to our private patients and major healthcare companies. We would be lost without her organisation skills. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her numerous grandchildren.

Carol Denton - Head of Logistics

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