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Reflex Rehab Sensors


For our hip and knee patients eg. ligamentous injuries, Osteoarthritis, post and pre surgery and sporting injuries we highly recommend the use of our Reflex 3d Motion Sensor Technology. Please see our testimonials here. For as little as £50 a week with no added extras we will support you via remote monitoring for a period of 6-8 weeks on average; getting you back as quickly as possible to doing the things you love most. Our physiotherapists and technical team will guide you through a technical set up and soon you will be on the fast track to recovery.

The technical set up is designed to support you once you receive the motion sensors to begin your rehabilitation. We use this time to ensure you are able to connect the motion sensors to your phone/iPad and then run through the exercises with you.

Whilst running through the exercises, we check that you are able to complete them comfortably and set the exercises to ranges that are suitable for you. We monitor the data every day and this enables us to progress patients quicker if we are seeing low pain scores, for example.

Reflex Motion Sensors used at Denton Physiotherapy

We also take this time to answer any questions the patient may have about the kit or exercises within their programme. We understand this may be a patient's first time using technology for rehab so we work through it patiently with them.

Reflex Motion Sensors demonstration

Once patients are set up, we engage with them regularly throughout their rehabilitation in order to keep progressing. This is done through regular phone calls, messaging through the text message feature on app and also follow up consultations that are done virtually.

We aim to respond to patients quickly and always be on hand to assist with any questions/concerns they may have. We find this is a crucial part of our service as patients do sometimes have setbacks, ’we take pride in being able to reassure them by being available to respond to their concerns promptly.’