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What can I expect?

We understand many patients may not have experienced digital physiotherapy before, so we work closely with patients to make the experience as straightforward as possible for them.

All patients that present with musculoskeletal conditions can expect to undergo an initial assessment with one of our Chartered Physiotherapists. During the initial assessment, the clinician will work with you to understand the history of your presenting complaint and this will begin with a conversation.

The assessment will then move on to a physical examination if applicable, so we ask patients to wear loose clothing so that they are able to move freely without being restricted. We do this to understand which movements are painful so that we can set appropriate management plans.

Another key part of our initial assessments is prioritising patient goals and expectations. We aim to tailor each management programme to you in order to get you back doing the things you love doing, whether this be walking the dog or regular high impact sports.

We also aim to introduce you to the technology that we use to treat some patients if this is applicable to you, however, this is done in more detail once you receive the kit and are taken through a full technical set up.



"In fact I felt reconditioned, even before my Total Hip Replacement. Through using Reflex sensors and with the support of DPT my exercise tolerance improved greatly. I was able to walk 2 miles without a limp even before my hip replacement…. Keep up the great work DPT! " - Diana, Retired Superintendent Physio.


"Thank you DPT for all your help and encouragement. The sensor system has been brilliant and it’s been so good to have you at the end of the phone or to text when I’ve needed advice and encouragement" - Rachel Fisher, Total Knee Replacement Patient.

"Denton’s approach to physiotherapy has been phenomenal for me - 24/7 support, constant feedback and amending exercises appropriately coupled with kindness, understanding and compassion" - Sonia Bartlett, Hip Pain Patient.

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